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Ian’s first influences in art were by fellow Mancunian, LS Lowry and then the Camden Town group of the early 1900s with their semi-cubist style.   Latterly, another Mancunian artist, Geoffrey Key and two Scottish artists, Tom Forrest and David Martin came to his notice. They are masters at playing with perspective and space.  In recently joining an abstract group, Ian’s working method is to develop figurative sketches  into abstract forms using the geometry and mathematical patterns that nature itself so beautifully follows.


Through these influences, Ian has come to realise that everyday objects and scenes offer endless possibilities. He first catches realistic images in pen. He then distorts the perspectives of these everyday objects by imposing them onto geometric forms – nothing escapes - trees, cooling towers, Victorian chairs, wine bottles, vases, milk jugs, viaducts and windows as well as the space around them are all developed into forms that are just discernible.

He is presently trying to be very free in his application of paint; this makes it easier to impose his own style onto the canvas rather than copy those who influence him. These artists and this approach have shown Ian that the simplest of subjects offer themselves for interpretation in so many exciting ways.